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Our actions

Initiatives for the Future of Great Rivers develops different means of actions:

  1. Meetings : two sessions are organised each year – one in France, one abroad – which bring together the rivers committee, external experts and the stakeholders to dialogue on a theme or to study a practical case. Six international sessions have been organised since October 2015. Operational workgroups are also set up to study some themes in more detail or follow the recommendations done.
  2. Pleas made at national and international levels in order to influence decision-makers and raise public awareness: “We’ve forgotten the rivers!” (COP 21); “Let the deltas live” (COP22); “Healthy rivers, a healthy planet” (COP23). Furthermore, IFGR participates in coalitions devoted to water and in major international conferences on water and the climate.
  3. Education with projects like creative writing competition for the primary schools in the Rhone  Valley and interaction with academic circles (students of the Master of Architecture and Urban Outskirts of ENSAL)
  4. Conferences aimed at the general public in France and abroad (French cultural centres and high schools) and partnership with events to share our convictions concerning rivers. For example:

Quais du Départ is a Lyon festival devoted to authors and film directors. Every year, numerous events devoted to the world of travel, an endless source of sharing and discovery, are held on the banks of the Rhone. Screenings, conferences, meetings, literary cafés, and presentations of books all provide occasions for exchanging views about rivers, climate change and water – partnership since 2016

The Biotope Festival association in the region of Greater Saint-Emilion. It works to preserve the environment through education, spreading awareness, sharing and communicating knowhow and practices to children, adolescents and adults – partnership in 2017

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