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The partners

CNR – founder member

CNR is France’s leading producer of 100% renewable electricity. Since 1934, when it was entrusted with the Rhone concession, CNR has cultivated love and respect for the river. Our concession, almost unique in the world, brings together three major uses of water: electricity production, navigation, irrigation. Strengthened by its experience in these three domains and because we think that rivers have a role to play in today’s societies, CNR has launched “Initiatives for the Future of Great Rivers”. Because rivers are meeting places, we believe it is important to get them to “speak” to each other, so that the expertise of some can enrich that of  others and so we can all imagine the place of the river in tomorrow’s world!”

Elisabeth Ayrault,

Chairwoman and CEO of CNR

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation – partner

Founded by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco in June 2006, The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation is dedicated to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development on a global scale. The Foundation supports initiatives of public and private organizations, in the fields of research and studies, technological innovation and socially-aware practices. The Foundation supports projects in three main geographical zones – The Mediterranean basin, the Polar Regions and the Least Developed Countries. It focuses its efforts focus on three main areas:  limiting the effects of climate change and promote renewable energies;  safeguarding biodiversity;  managing water resources and combating desertification.


It is important for the Initiatives for the Future of Great Rivers to weave a larger network of partners, so it can develop its levers of action, pursue the dialogue begun between the world’s rivers, and make their voices heard alongside the other actors involved in water.
Your mobilisation and your commitment are needed to ensure our operational capacities and the implementation of a stronger programme of actions in the field. Whether you are a public or private actor, by making a donation or by supporting a project, you contribute to gaining recognition for rivers as a solution in the combat against climate change. You also participate in the association’s activities, in phase with your commitments and societal responsibilities.

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