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Our levers of action

We’ve become expert in managing complex interactions thanks to our original approach and the working themes chosen that give us a global vision of rivers and the challenges facing them. Armed with this original methodology and coupled with the dynamics of partnerships, IFGR ensures the voice of rivers is heard by many sectors of the public.

A multidisciplinary and international approach

We feel that this approach is unique and capable of taking in the complexity of interactions between human beings and water, as well as providing a global vision of the stakes involved:

  • By forging links – between countries, the uses to which rivers are put and the stakeholders – we create an integrated collective momentum that places rivers at the heart of interactions between humans and habitats so that they contribute to the many transitions required.
  • By providing our expertise where it is needed, we offer the conditions by which concerted, sustainable and innovative solutions can emerge and be implemented.

Three major themes of work

China, Henan Province, Luoyang, fish farming, carp. Camille Moirenc.

We have prioritised 3 major themes to coordinate the work of our collective. Taken together, they allow us to explore all the global challenges that face rivers and avoid the theoretical segmentation of climate, biodiversity, energy and health.

  • The governance of rivers,
  • Human health and river ecosystems,
  • The relation between land, rivers and the oceans.

A wide and varied public

Each has a responsibility and a role to play in taking care of rivers and ensuring that the many services they render to societies can be maintained. That is why we develop a large array of actions intended to capture the attention of different sections of the public so that they can learn, understand and mobilise.

  • International sessions

International sessions gathering the Rivers Committee, local stakeholders and other experts to explore a theme using a river as its basis.

10 international sessions since 2015


  • Presence in international coalitions

dedicated to water, the climate and biodiversity, to give a voice to rivers.

  • Operational workgroups

for following up recommendations and promotion at the highest political levels.

At a time when climate change and pressure on water resources are increasingly intense, I think your multidimensional approach is particularly pertinent. I ask you to help us to better understand the relations between the dimensions of the problem and provide appropriate responses.”

Mansour Faye, Minister of Water and Mayor of Saint-Louis, during the IFGR session in Senegal – April 2018

The visit by the IFGR delegation to French Guiana was a genuine occasion for the actors of the territory to see daily concerns such as the environment, health and social integration in perspective. I would like to warmly thank IFGR for having chosen French Guiana and the Maroni River for its works.The IFGR delegation knew how to outline the perspectives regarding sustainable mines and cross-border collaboration bodies based on international experiences.”

Frédéric Bouteille, Sub-Prefect of the interior municipalities, Prefecture of French Guiana – May 2019.

Exchanging knowhow and practises is vital to understand the role played by rivers, access to water and its distribution in a general scheme of understanding environmental solutions, and the new balances that we have to find to avoid major crises of life itself. Like us, China is increasingly aware of the problems confronting us, especially that of managing living resources. It wants to find solutions”.

Nicolas Chapuis, Ambassador of the European Union in China, during the official opening of the 9th IFGR session in Peking, listed on the agenda of the French-Chinese Year of the Environment – October 2019.

  • Pleas and knowledge

Advocacy and thematic analyses


  • Methodological tools

Methodological tools to assist political and business actors.


The charter “My territory takes a stand; rivers without plastic, the oceans protected”

Launched in 2020 on the occasion of the Municipal and Community Elections in France, this charter invited elected representatives to commit themselves to 15 measures against plastic pollution in the aquatic habitats of their territories. This initiative, launched by IFGR, the Fondation Tara Océan and CNR, has already been signed by 130 people, with the support of ADEME and national associations of elected representatives.


Pedagogical actions for young people


Imagine a world at +4°C: what impacts on water?

This prospective video imagined by the Partenariat Français sur l’eau (PFE) and IFGR gives several examples of the impacts of climate warming by + 4°C on the world, its rivers and water resources in general. Act now to ensure that it remains just a story!

This video was screened for the first time during the COP24 on the climate (Katowice – Poland) and it won a prize at the Deauville Film Festival Green Awards 2020.


Active contribution to events for the general public


When the River Rhone is exhibited at Paris: the railings of the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris play host to 80 photographs of the Rhone by Camille Moirenc. The visitors discovered in the flow of a journey from the Swiss glacier, where it draws its source, to the Camargue delta, where it joins the Mediterranean Sea at kilometre 812. IFGR is a partner of this grandiose photo-exhibition!

An international network of partners

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