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Our strategic objectives

China, Henan Province, Luoyang, Yellow River. Camille Moirenc.

A forum of ideas and solutions for the balanced management of rivers in the service of multiple transitions, IFGR aims to gain better understanding of the interactions involved around rivers in order to preserve these commons of humanity. Our new strategy up to 2025 reflects the urgency to act for the health and future of these ecosystems and it will permit us to contribute towards meeting the challenges that confront tomorrow’s world.

  1. Warning of the dangers that threaten rivers and the rest of lifeWe aim at three objectives to strengthen our recognition in France and in the rest of the world as a reference on, and to support the cause of, rivers:
    • Contribute to the development and dissemination of cross-disciplinary research.
    • Place the international and multidisciplinary expertise of IFGR in the service of transforming research into actions;
    • Carry out advocacy alongside other actors to make known the essential role played by rivers and better integrate them in strategies to mitigate, and adapt to, climate change.

  2.  Reconcile uses and the ecosystem to protect riversTo make rivers a concrete vector of transformations, we work to actively collaborate with leading international organisations on the following issues:
    • Data governance
    • Global health
    • Agriculture & Food
    • Preservation of the aquatic ecosystem in its global cycle.

    These partnerships are set out in route plan.

  3. Assisting the territories to manage rivers sustainablyTo act as closely as possible to the needs identified, we aim to develop tools and methods and make them available to local actors. Our objectives are to:
    • Support the inclusion of rivers in the decisions of politicians and business leaders at the level of river basins to prevent conflicts of use.
    • Federate innovative solutions for rivers and accelerate their dissemination.
    • Assist the operational implementation of the recommendations made by our workgroups during the sessions.

  4. Share the future of rivers with the general publicTo better associate the general public with our projects, we want to:
    • Make the young (age groups from 8-16 years-old) aware through different pedagogical actions carried out in partnership with educational structures;
    • Use adapted communication tools to inform and involve the general public so as to make them responsible users;
    • Imagine an event for the general public that lasts through time so we can reach a wider audience and to avoid dialogue only with each other.


    These four strategic development objectives run in parallel with three other operational

    Switzerland, Geneva


    1. Ensure lasting funding for IFGR’s activities,
    2. Reinforce our worldwide network of influence and action,
    3. Increase our impact.

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