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Session reports

27 September 2021

10th session of IFGR - Switzerland

River, lake and city: the conditions for a successful alliance

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21 October 2019

9th session of IFGR - Beijing / Zhengzhou (China)

Rivers & Biodiversity: lessons learned from the Yellow River and experiences shared with other rivers

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15 April 2019

8th session of IFGR - Guyane (France)

The health of rivers, human health. The example of the River Maroni

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15 October 2018

7th session of IFGR - Toulouse/Bordeaux (France)

Resilience of territories to climate change: how to reconcile the needs and availability of water resources? The example of the Adour-Garonne basin

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9 April 2018

6th session of IFGR - Saint-Louis / Dakar (Senegal)

Making the Senegal river navigable to transform it into an instrument for economic development and integration

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9 October 2017

5th session of IFGR - Lyon / Annecy (France)

The health of rivers, the health of the world

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13 March 2017

4th session of IFGR - Itaipu (Paraguay/Brazil)

Tomorrow’s energy landscape and hydroelectricity models - The Parana river

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18 April 2016

2nd session of IFGR - Montreal (Canada)

The port of Montreal and the Saint Lawrence River:
- Adaptative resource management
- The extension of the port territory: the example of the new terminal of Contrecœur

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