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Analysing the challenges

Why IFGR and why acting for the rivers?


In a few infographics, have a better understanding of the essential role of rivers to ensure life on Earth.


Freshwater on the planet

Groundwater and surface water (rivers and lakes) represent less than 1% of the Earth’s surface. They are however essential because they are easily available for human needs.

A constantly increasing demand for water

The world’s population is constantly increasing, mostly located in cities. Water resources are becoming a precious common good because they are becoming scarcer and subject to multiple pressures.

The impacts of climate change on water resources

Rising temperatures will lead to many consequences, such as melting ice, more extreme weather events and greater water stress. 

Threatened deltas

Deltas represent only 1% of the Earth’s surface, but they are home to 7% of the world’s population.

Disappearance of wetlands, loss of biodiversity

Between land and water, wetlands are essential ecosystems for climate, wildlife, economy… But they are disappearing at a high rate.

Health of rivers, health of all living beings

80% of the world’s wastewater is discharged into the environment without treatment. The sources of water pollution are numerous, with an obvious impact on the health of aquatic ecosystems and humans.

The challenges of access to water and sanitation

Access to water is a human right. Yet billions of people around the world do not have access to clean water or sanitation. 

The scourge of plastic pollution in rivers

Let’s go to the source of plastic pollution in the seas and oceans, in the rivers and on land.

Water, source of life and death

Many diseases such as malaria and dengue fever are water-borne.

Water to feed the planet

Agriculture consumes 70% of the world’s freshwater withdrawals. How can we feed an ever-growing population while preserving water resources?

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