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Solar desalination as a solution for combating hydric stress

In December 2018, the first seawater solar desalination plant in Hessequa, South Africa.

Saltwater intrusions are threatening agriculture of estuaries and deltas of the world’s largest rivers. Solar desalination, as proposed by OSMOSUN® offers a sustainable solution to meet local drinking water needs and reduce the pressure throughout the watershed, without any CO2 emissions in production!



According to the OECD, around 3.9 billion people could lack water from now to 2050, that’s to say 40% of the world’s population. Climate change and demographic growth increase the pressure placed on water resources, exacerbating the phenomenon of hydric stress in certain regions of the world.

In South Africa, the Cape province is subject to serious tension, with the constant threat of Day Zero, when water reserves will definitively run dry. To attenuate this water shortage, Mascara, a company founded in 2014, has developed OSMOSUN. This industrial process of solar desalination via reverse osmosis, without batteries, is aimed at providing access to drinking water to all and everywhere, at a competitive price and without CO2. Mascara has extended its activities to West Africa and the east, close to the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

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