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Exhibition "We, the rivers" in the Musée des Confluences, Lyon, in partnership with IFGR

Since October 21, 2022, the Musée des Confluences in Lyon has offered the public an eventful exhibition on rivers. Entitled “We, the rivers”, this exhibition invites to discover these giants, which shape the territories and bring life, but are increasingly vulnerable.
An invitation to discover, to meet and to dialogue, in which IFGR is delighted to participate!

Lyon le 27/08/2023

From October 21, 2022 to September 27, 2023, the Musée des Confluences invites you to travel on the greatest rivers of the planet.

Rivers shape landscapes and fertilize the land. Some of them were the cradle of great civilizations and most of humanity still depends on them today. Because they promote life, their moving waters nourish our imaginations.

Following the course of a river, the exhibition explores the mystery of the sources, the confluences, the beds of the rivers, their estuaries or their deltas. It brings together the natural sciences, ethnology, art history and points out geopolitical and ecological issues.




For the Musée des Confluences, the desire to deal with the theme of rivers is obvious. Anchored between the Rhône and the Saône, the building designed by the Austrian agency Coop Himmelb(l)au reflects the changing colors of the waters. Like a ship ready to leave, it is an invitation to travel.

IFGR, born in Lyon from the will of CNR (the Compagnie Nationae du Rhône) and Erik Orsenna, has become over the years, the reference actor on rivers. The collaboration with the museum was therefore an obvious choice, at the very moment when IFGR decided with Living with Rivers to address its messages to the greatest number of people and to make the general public even more aware of the cause of rivers!

To know: Erik Orsenna is the scientific curator of the exhibition and IFGR is a partner, via Living with Rivers. 
Pictures @ Musée des Confluences

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