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IFGR Session no. 5: river pollution

Fifth international session of IFGR – from 9 to 13 October 2017 at Lyon and Annecy (France). Session theme: River pollution and impact on health.

Lyon / Annecy (France) le 09/10/2017

The 5th international session of Initiatives for the Future of Great Rivers, which was held at Lyon and Annecy in October 2017 and received the COP23 label,  focused on a cross-disciplinary theme, raised several times during previous meetings: water pollution.

The theme of water pollution stands at the intersection of current challenges facing the planet: population growth which leads to increased demand for drinking water; urbanisation and economic growth which leads to higher production of wastewater; climate change which warms the temperature of the seas and reduces the capacity of water to store oxygen and thus purify itself through biodegradation.

By devoting its works to this issue only a few weeks before the COP23 organised in Bonn, IFGR showed its determination to blow the whistle once again. What is at stake is not only the climate change but also the pollution of rivers and oceans and, finally, the public health.

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