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World Wetlands Day: wetlands action for people and nature

Wednesday, February 2 is celebrated World Wetlands Day, whose campaign this year is an appeal to invest financial, human and political capital to save the world’s wetlands from disappearing and to restore those we have degraded.

Indispensable wetlands


Wetlands are valuable ecosystems in many ways: they can mitigate the effects of climate change, storing more carbon than forests, and they are natural reservoirs for storing water and better managing floods. They are also home to a rich biodiversity with countless species of plants and animals. Finally, they participate in the identity of the territories and contribute to the local economy.

Although they provide many benefits, they are disappearing three times faster than forests. This infographic, produced by IFGR, gives a complete overview of the situation

Launching the mobilization


Celebrated every year on February 2, World Wetlands Day aims to raise awareness of these ecosystems and is supported by the Ramsar Convention. This year, it has become an international day of the United Nations and aims, on this occasion, to engage all stakeholders and at all levels, to strengthen actions for their protection.

Statement of Martha Rojas Urrego, Secretary General, Convention on Wetlands

Nature-based solutions and adaptation to climate change


On the occasion of the last edition of the World Impact Summit, which made water its great cause, Nature-based Solutions were put forward as a sustainable and less costly alternative to grey infrastructure to increase the resilience of territories to climate change.

Video of the workshop

 with the participation of Marie-Cécile Grisard, Director of IFGR and moderated by Brieux Michoud, from  Waterpreneurs.




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