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The Flood, a mini-series on Netflix

“The Flood” a disaster-based miniseries inspired by dramatic climatic events that occurred in 1997 and which led to the death of more than 30 people in Poland, has arrived on Netflix.


The pitch: Jasmina Tremer is a hydrologist. She analyses the level of the groundwater that surrounds the city of Wroclaw and its 500,000 inhabitants. When the young woman understands that the river is about to leave its bed with disastrous consequences, she immediately sounds the alarm but finds herself quarrelling with scientists who do not share her concern. That’s without counting the municipal elections in full swing.

A breath-taking and frightening race against time begins. Although the series created by Jan Holoubek is a fiction structured like a real thriller with wholly invented characters, the drama it denounces really existed.


Although “The Flood” relates events that occurred in the 1990s, it is nonetheless dramatically up to date: a poorly treated but all-powerful nature that retrieves its rights obviously reflects the many floods that are currently happening around the world. This drama is also an opportunity to highlight the complex and painful relations that exist between farmers and city-dwellers.

A must.

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