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Meeting with the river…

We have asked the association “Rouen Seine Normande 2028”, which submitted its candidacy to become the European Cultural Capital for the year 2028, to draw up its Chinese portrait of the River Seine.

The Seine is indeed the leading character of this candidacy, that which unites all the inhabitants of the territory (from Vernon-Giverny to Havre and Honfleur, passing by Rouen) with the rest of Europe and the world.

If Rouen Seine Normande 2028 wins the title (we will know more in December 2023), it is the promise of living original and innovative experiences: pulsate to the rhythm of festivals, visit exhibitions, wander along unknown paths, participate in creating artworks, and so forth. The Seine will carry us in the flow of its meanders!

👉🏽For more information:  #Rouen2028

👉🏽To support the candidacy:

If the Seine were an animal

“It would be an imaginary animal – the Gargoyle, the water dragon that haunted the forest at the mouth of the Seine and at the foot of Mount Gargan. The legend says that it was burned by Saint Romain in the 7th century, thus symbolising the victory over the dark forces of evil and against the threat of floods.”

If the Seine were a project

“It would be Rouen Seine Normande 2028 – European Cultural Capital. By gathering and federating, it drives the ambitions and artistic programming of the entire territory and its valley.”

If the Seine were a colour

“It would be cyan, a mixture of the green of the meadows that border the river and the blue of the Normandy sky.”

If the Seine were a person

“It would be Sequana, a character from Gallic-Celtic mythology. She represents a young girl who had two powers, that of curing and that of granting wishes.”

If the Seine were a number

774.76 – the distance in km that separates its birth at Source-Seine in Côte d’Or until its mouth at Havre.”

If the Seine were a masterpiece

“It would be the whole impressionist movement, both pictural and musical. An artistic movement without borders that probably made the Seine, in its time, the world capital of culture.”

If the Seine were a film

“It would probably be the film of our life, us inhabitants of the valley. It is the reason why we have settled here and it is with the Seine that we want to build the future trajectory of our territory.

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