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Like n' Share: the campaign "A bottle in the sea"

When extreme sportsmen and women combat the issue of pollution

The professional skier Mathieu Navillod and the photographer Dom Daher appealed to 10 high level athletes to shoot a film in order to change waste sorting behaviours. The result is a striking campaign: “A bottle in the sea” and an association that aims, via sport and images, to contribute towards solutions to ensure better respect for the environment.

Photo credit: Dom Daher / Athlete: Romain Raisson

Ten high-level outdoor athletes have got together following the call from French skier Mathieu Navillod for a very special photo session headed by Dom Daher. They practised their sport in the middle of a waste dump in the south of France to compose a series of striking photos, in order to stir awareness among the general public! Presented in diptych, each setting is associated with a solution that already exists to fight against waste, plastic pollution and favour the circular economy, by giving a second life to waste. Mathieu Navillod says “we’re not the richest or the smartest, but we can try to change things” (read the article in GEO), since sportsmen and women know that the carbon footprint of their activities is not neutral, despite the fact that nature provides their playground. As privileged observers of its degradation, they also know that they can inspire younger generations.


The photo campaign, aesthetic but violent, is aimed at marking minds. Made public in 2020, it has since given rise to the “A bottle in the sea” association that aims to stir awareness of environmental threats using images and sport.


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