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Do you have an initiative and would like to apply for the Living with Rivers Label?
We thank you for that! Before proceeding to the application, please read and download the two documents below



NB: the members of the Jury are aware that the deadlines for application and evaluation are tight for this first year but wanted to give the bearers of Initiatives the opportunity to apply in 2024. The limited application time for 2024 will be taken into account in the evaluation of applications.

  • Before May 20, 2024: Submission of applications
  • Between 15 May and 14 June 2024: Selection of initiatives by the Jury «Comité des rivières»
  • June 14, 2024: Information to the candidates selected to be labeled (all files filling at least 50% of the points will be labeled, without limit of number) and pre-selected files to be winners (10 files maximum).
  • June 21, 2024: The 10 best applications pre-selected to be winners 2024 will be invited to present their initiative to the Jury (by videoconference, with translation) (thank you to the candidates for retaining the date in their calendars today)

The 3 most virtuous initiatives according to the Jury will be selected to receive the «Living with Rivers 2024» prize (15,000 euros per Initiative)

  • June 25, from 6:30 pm to 8 pm (French time): Prize-giving event in Lyon and in distance (thank you to the candidates for retaining the date in their agenda today). All candidates (labeled or not) will be invited to participate in person (without covering travel expenses) or distance. As places are limited, organizers reserve the right to propose the format in person by order of receipt of applications.

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