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Geneva (Switzerland) 27 September 2021 International conference Rhone

10th international session of IFGR

For this 10th edition of its international meetings, which have been bringing together the members of the IFGR Rivers Committee since 2015, the meeting will be held in Switzerland, at the invitation of the Water Office of Geneva. This year, scientists, academics, political and economic actors and representatives of civil society will meet near the Swiss Rhone and Lake Geneva, around the theme: "River, lake and city: the conditions for a successful alliance".

Each day, sessions will allow us to go further in our reflection around the main theme: “River, lake and city: the conditions of a successful alliance”.

Monday 27 September:

2 – 4 pm: Introductory presentations : The Rhône, between nature and society: understanding the functions and uses of the river

Tuesday September 28th:

9am-12pm: Working session I: Managing flood risk: securing & reconnecting with the river (security / economy / ecological renewal)

14h-17h30: Workshop on data: For shared scientific knowledge: production, dissemination of data, action research and citizen participation

Wednesday September 29th:

9am-12:30pm: Working session II: Preserving aquatic environments while guaranteeing human activities: means and common ambition

Thursday September 30th:

8:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: Working session III: Water in the city: new issues of resilience and governance

Friday October 1st:

10:30 am: Official restitution

You are interested in attending one or more of these sessions?

Contact us here and specify which sessions you are interested in. We will send you the link for the Zoom conference.

To know more: detailed program


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