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Angers 1 May 2022 Loire

"Loire Sentinelle": the expedition is about to start!

Natexplorers, partners of IFGR, are launching a cultural and scientific expedition along the Loire River to investigate the relationship between micro-plastics and biodiversity.

Chalonnais biologists Barbara Réthoré and Julien Chapuis will begin their expedition at Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc, where the Loire River rises, on a hybrid canoe. Their objective: carrying out a travelling exploration of the Loire, mixing science and culture, to make an inventory of biodiversity and plastic pollution.


The Loire Sentinel project in a few points :

  • Full descent of the Loire River, from the source to the estuary, over 1000 km;
  • A “low carbon” and “zero waste” approach;
  • A scientific expedition: use of environmental DNA to monitor biodiversity along the entire length of the Loire basin;
  • A cultural expedition: proposing to artists and thinkers to cross their views on the Loire, reflecting on the question: “What will become of the Loire, and of us?”;
  • A rich program of cultural escales and artistic exchanges.


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