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A third international session bearing the COP22 label

The steering committee of the COP22 awarded the COP22 label to the third session of the IFGR panel held from 11 to 14 October 2016 at Avignon.

For its next session, IFGR will bring together its international and multidisciplinary panel to discuss the theme of deltas. After Lyon in October 2015 and Montreal in April 2016, the choice of another key city of the Rhone Valley will provide the opportunity to study the Camargue region, after which the debate will be extended to other deltas around the world. These regions known for the wealth of their ecosystems have been formed by fragile balances between human activities and  developments and environmental preservation. Their inhabitants are in the front line of the challenges facing the world: pollution, rising sea levels, food security, urban development, and so forth.

How can these territories with varying compositions and paradoxes point to concrete solutions for a more sustainable world?

After being attributed with the organisation of a side-event during the COP, this decision signals a new step in IFGR’s actions to make rivers a priority in the process of implementing the Paris Agreement.

IFGR will intervene during the next COP due to be held in Marrakech from 7 to 18 November to organise a conference in the “Green Zone” (zone for civil society and innovations). A day dedicated to water is scheduled for 9 November. The theme of this event will be “Rivers: challenges, stakes and solutions in the face of climate change”.

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