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Agir Pour le Vivant

Meetings, workshops, exhibitions, screenings and residencies to reflect on the importance of all living things in our society.

Arles le 22/08/2021

Agir pour le Vivant, which will take place from August 22 to August 29 in Arles, intends to present solutions, dare to experiment and contribute to the writing of new narratives. This event is co-organized by the publishing house Actes Sud and the Comuna agency .

For this second edition of the event, the following themes will be addressed: “living together and taking into account the multiplicity of worlds, building the economy of the living, erecting a new humanism, reforming education to prepare for life, arming ourselves with language to resist, doing right by the living and creating the conditions for a new Europe.”

Rivers, symbols of life by excellence, will be evoked through a residency dedicated to the Rhone, of particular importance for the Arles region. This residency, in which IFGR will participate, will be entitled: “The Time of the Rhone, living with and protecting the river”.


IFGR will also be present in the residency “Agir pour le Vivant en Afrique”, through the participation of its members, including the Organization for the Development of the Senegal River (OMVS).


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