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Ice is melting even faster

It is a phenomenon about which much is said though it is not always easy to understand. The data collected by NASA over 25 years on the oceans provide greater clarity on the problem: they reveal that the level of the sea increasing almost everywhere and, above all, that this trend has strengthened in recent years, notably due to the melting of the ice covering Greenland. At the current pace of melting, the global level of the sea will increase by 66 centimetres from now to 2100.

Scientists have even developed an interactive tool that allows users to choose between 293 coastal cities and see how the regions involved may be affected if the ice caps melt into the oceans.

Switzerland observed a similar phenomenon with its glaciers last year as they lost 3% of their volume in 12 months, i.e. 1.5 billion cubic metres. According to experts, this retreat is far above the average and can be explained by the exceptional climatic conditions of last year, when little snow fell in winter, followed by a hot summer.

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